And so, the end is nigh…

It’s nearly time to go back to England.

Gord and Kate came to stay!


We did city stuff, like go on the subway and the streetcars, tour the Distillery District and St Lawrence market, walk till we drop, see the Art Gallery of Ontario and play Tock till all hours (no, wait, that last thing, that’s city stuff?)

We will miss you Toronto, we will miss your towers and your sunsets and the way your people don’t seem to walk in straight lines. We will miss your quirky buildings, your tree protection zones, and the drama that we can watch from our 9th storey windows every single day.

We will miss your YMCA where John has swum a total of 70 + miles over the summer, and we have played ‘senior’ squash (very refined) and kept our 150 minutes per week.

We will miss your quiet green spaces on the University campus.

We will miss going on the subway and streetcar to play tennis in the early mornings. We will miss the superlative Toronto Reference Library. We will miss seeing Julian and Andrea, and Andreas and Karen.

We’ll miss the buzz. We’ve had fun.

Hello West Kirby, then next Ottawa, what can you do to match that?


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