And back to Ottawa

For a visit to Dad, and Lib, and David, a surprise spotting of Adam (whoops!) and a lovely evening with my high school friends, John A, who I’ve met up with about twice in 40 years, and Jay – the first meeting since we don’t know when, and their spouses. What a laugh! – They were amazed when John S. sang the Glebe Collegiate school song…

More cycling (not with Lib), some hiking (with Lib, Luskville Falls)

Lib and John

Lib and John


The Falls were just a trickle in the fall, will be thunderous in the spring – it has been created by one of the three big faults that run through the valley. The Ottawa area has a number of faults (geologically AND metaphysically), although it’s generally pretty flat – it means we have earthquakes not infrequently, which is the reason I knew that when the Royal Liverpool Hospital started to shake, it wasn’t “Dr Wilkes dropping his wallet” as one wag would have it but um, shaking earth. Anyhew, the Luskville Falls are part of the ‘Ottawa Graben’ – but we didn’t discover its full wonder because of the rain, my inadequate shoes and – my inadequate knees…

Another train back to TO (lovely), but I do miss the easy access to the ‘not city’ that is Ottawa…


So let’s see this country Canada…


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