Prince Edward Island!

And last week – off to see brother Gord and Kate!

photo 3

(Bell’s palsy still working well I see)

How about… a little cycling:

Got the selfie! Nearly.

Got the selfie! 9

A beautiful Concert from Ensemble Polaris, a group concentrating on eclectic music from ports from Scandinavia to the British Isles to of course Canada; here, have a listen:

And here is the absolutely stunning (deconsecrated) Catholic church they played in. A beautiful acoustic, beautiful surroundings miles into the countryside – we are in awe of the religiosity of feeling that would bring us such a beautiful space:

photo 6 photo 8 photo 7

We had a thoroughly lovely time, meeting Kate and Gord’s friends, and a relative, John going with Gord to Rotary, seeing Anne of Green Gables again, and of course meeting Charlie and Angus:

For heaven's sake - where's Angus, Charlie?

For heaven’s sake – where’s Angus, Charlie?

And are now planning the rematch of Tock – I believe it may be 11-1 for the girls, chaps? (game of skill, we understand…)

photo 11

John originally thought we would be playing ‘talk’ – so it goes…

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