This week…

We took Libby’s piano (aka Martha’s old piano) up to Ottawa. Upgraded to a BMW 3 series – gladly squeezed in the keyboard, even though we did need to ask how to drive it…

DSC_0452 DSC_0450

Cycled, in both Ottawa and TO

Cycling (Jane) Sprigge style

Cycling (Jane) Sprigge style


Were in awe of Libby doing a 50 km ride in the Gatineau (hills+++) Sunday am. Rehydration consists of: water +++. Cider, wine, OJ, tea +++. Girl after both our hearts.

marching electrons

marching electrons

Saw Lloyd and Dad (there would be some singing!) brother Gord (there would be some laughter!) Joe (there were be a certain amount of Libby ire for the ticket I had picked up and not noticed while driving her car!), Karen + Andreas (there would be much talking!), and a host of others at the mess for lunch (there would be some ‘networking’ – a bit weird).

Saw the ‘re-opening’ Union station (also weird.)

photo 1

Lined up for a free concert:

photo 2


This picture was taken in the early morning – we are surrounded by construction sites, which start their machinations at 7 am – this is just the sun shining through traffic cones – just a bit eerie.

Played tennis – not like indoors on carpet – what is this wind? what is this bounce?



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