We’ve been to the Canadian version, which is a sleepy little Ontario town about two hours drive from Toronto where an entrepreneur called Tom Patterson and a British actor called Tyrone Guthrie decided to create their own Shakespeare festival every summer, in the 1950s.

About Us - History

(this is a picture of the first tent going up, where the plays were initially staged).

Anyway, I have been coming to Stratford since I was about 18 (Maggie Smith was here when I was in university)(Rosalind, As You Like It, Lady MacBeth) – no big names this year but a creditable Hamlet (Jonathan Goad), and had a lovely trip down memory lane, thinking about meeting the Rotenbergs in the caboose B+B (with the landlady overlistening to every word of any phone conversation), leaving Libby and Debbie McRae’s kids to use the pool and spread the chlorine around the hotel room as we went to a matinee, etc etc etc…

the main theatre

the main theatre



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