Road trip! (without the road)

Off to Ottawa to visit dad and watch some world cup football, by train.


Things different, things the same: Different – the trains were on time! (I remember particularly, being either eight or 10 hours late on a train from Ottawa to Sudbury (a five-and-a-half hour drive) – when Bob and Shelagh were picking us up.)(I don’t think they have a passenger route from Ottawa to Sudbury any more). Different: the hay bales are wrapped in plastic! What’s that about!

The same: lining up to board the train half an hour before it departs (just weird):


The same: the mournful sound of the train whistle, warning of the train’s approach, and perhaps apologising to all the cars it’s holding up. It’s the same sound played in Canadian hockey rinks after the home team scores a goal, but there it just sounds agressive and, dare I say, male. It’s the sound I could hear in the early morning from my bedroom at 16 Esquimault. Try it out!:

The same: being able to tell where you are at a glance out the window. If it’s flat DSC_0343

it’s Ottawa (Champlain sea during the ice age); Canadian shield (precambrian rocks, you’re just north of Kingston:


looming trees and lovely limestone, Kingston’s next, and so on. If the farms are small, you’re closer to Ottawa; if the farms have silos, you are further south; and on and on. If you’re beside a highway where the traffic isn’t moving it’s Oshawa.


We liked it so much, we’re going to do it all again next Monday!


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