Question Period

photo 2

Went to the Ontario legislature (spelled properly this time!) to watch question period. In Ontario this happens, not every Wednesday for 30 minutes of baying and braying as in the House of Commons, but every day that the provincial parliament sits, for one hour. So we had the privilege of watching mostly skilled debate from the premier and the ‘third party’ leader (the conservatives are in the doldrums – their leader doesn’t have a parliamentary seat and the deputy (who ran unsuccessfully for the leadership) has gone off in a sulk). All three leaders in the house are women, the premier openly gay, which would have suprised this chap:

photo 1

the founder of Toronto, a man who disapproved of the aboriginal name for the town and changed it to ‘York.’ (In 1793. It reverted to Toronto in 1834.)

Anyway, it was a fascinating morning, taken up by worries about a teachers’ strike and about the sell-off of 60% of Hydro One, the electricity generating company for the province. Democracy in action – quite stirring stuff.

And democracy in action outside too – protesting, Ontario style. V. civilised, with packed lunch under the trees and musicians providing entertainment…

photo 3


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