Lost in translation…

One of a series: those english expressions which I now use freely that cause consternation, bemusement or nervous laughter:

‘I must remember my L-plates’ on mis-steering grandad’s chair (L plates???)

John ordering ‘chili’ at Tim Horton’s and getting ‘chicken noodle’. A? It doesn’t even have the same number of syllables!

John requesting an extension cable at the hardware store (What? Nah, he doesn’t want THAT! He wants this! (he didn’t)) or a bradle (?? I don’t even know what that is) It’s a drill. (Did you know that the average amount of use of an electric drill which you buy, over its lifetime, is 16 MINUTES! – ref Terry O’Reilly – ‘Under the Influence’ CBC)

Always the favourite – English nanny in Toronto, wildy, unbelievably popular because she has instructed her charges to play on the ‘pavement’ (i.e. sidewalk. pavement in Canada = road)


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