So here’s the thing. It’s a big place. Mother’s day was last Sunday. Martha lives in Michigan and can’t come because Uncle Sam won’t let her until she gets her visa. Libby’s birthday was on Saturday. She lives in Ottawa and we live in Toronto and she’s busy. So we met halfway, in Kingston, and rented a car to get there, because it was cheaper than the train or the bus.

Downtown Toronto is pedestrian-friendly if not agressively pedestrian. Go north though – maybe five miles from the city centre, and pedestrians are part of an endangered species – maybe their legs have atrophied, because there seem to be fewer and fewer sidewalks/ pavements and more and more lanes for their cars. Driving on the 12-lane 401 is not like driving on the M53! But we got there and back again, the Libby was lovely and laughter very much on the menu. Hurray!DSC_0006 DSC_0007 DSC_0011


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