There are internet sites that give cities ‘walkability’ scores. Toronto does not feature; it is gridlocked by its cars, its expressways looking like parking lots at rush hour. We’re working on this – we have eschewed car ownership this summer hoping to use either feet and public transport. We have already been thwarted – a 2-hour train journey for $400 vs a one-day car rental for $150? – but getting outside of the box allows us to slow down, find new paths through the canyons of the city, notice the quirky architecture, and yesterday stumbling across (bliss for John) a railway museum (http://www.trha.ca/museum.html). Walking in the city demands a certain style, and we haven’t quite ‘got’ Toronto’s yet. We think we’re successfully altering course to avoid collision just to bang! into the unintended target, who has changed in the same direction. The same was true when I first walked down Oxford Street of course – is four months enough to fix this?



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