So, here is April in Ottawa

Ottawa's brown spring

Ottawa’s brown spring: On the 12th April it looks like everything is dying or asleep – in two weeks it will be lush green – I hope!



2 thoughts on “So, here is April in Ottawa

  1. Hello, you very brave people facing up to what is pretty alien experience. Even, I guess, for you, Jane.

    All these silos – can’t repair a new can’t demolish. Just like Princes Road synagogue. And 16 minute elec drills. That’s not because they’re not used but that’s all they last for.

    And the Irish story. Remember the thousands buried under the St George’s Hall plateau.

    The spring does still look a smidgen late with tired grass and snow heaps. Patience.

    But you are brave and will win the challenge of new place in due course. Are you missing WK yet?

    Here we are in bed at 9am, it’s sunny outside, our boudoir is just lovely. (Will send a pic or two.) And b’fast awaits and since we are at Reids it will be well worth waiting for, asleep in a large, very comfy bed. For yes, we are in Madeira. When we arrived the very pleasant and helpful duty manager knew of my letter to the over all manager months ago about ” please, sir, could we have a ground level room like last time with doors out to our own patio and the wonderful gardens and the ocean beyond”. And the room is still a delight. Just like being seriously rich and important, and me the kid of poor Polish immigrants.

    That’s enough for now. Keep reporting and think of the book you could write. ? Lost in Trono.

    Off for the best breaker in my world.

    All best wishes, her and me.


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